February 29, 2012

Sew What

I don't fancy myself as a seamstress. I'm not. But occasionally the need arises and I sew something simple. Then I started seeing a lot of hand made items. And when the opportunity presented itself to do something myself, I jumped in. With two feet. As in, I bought a serger sewing machine. Crazy, I know. I'm having trouble threading it and can't even get it to stitch right. My brain doesn't want to figure it out. Yet, I know that if I persist then I'll learn how it works and I'll be able to make more cool stuff. Here are my latest projects: pillows, an apron and baby blanket. I've got a few other projects up my sleeve if I ever figure out how to work my new machine.

2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Thank you Kathy! I have a few ideas now that will make it better if I do any more. You are welcome to come over and sew with me anytime (as long as I'm home that is).


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