February 10, 2012

You Can't Be Sick Today

7:26 am - Graeden and Elliott say they feel sick and don't really want to eat breakfast.
7:26:15 am - Me: "Too bad. You can't be sick today. I've got too much going on. I'm going to school today to be the art docent in both Jett and Graeden's classrooms."

7:30 am - Tymon gives the boys bread bags to hurl in if they get sick on the bus. He even opened up Elliott's to make sure he could easily access it in a hurry.

9:00 am - Elliott's teacher calls me and says Elliott isn't feeling well. His head is on the desk but he's still trying to do his work. He didn't want her to call me. (He knows he's not supposed to be sick - ha ha.)

9:05 am - my parents say they can pick up Elliott and take him to their office where he can sleep on the couch there or watch movies.

10:00 am - Jocelyn, Kira and I arrive in Jett's classroom. Jocelyn sits next to Jett and does the project. Jett's teacher holds Kira (her ovaries are burning) and I teach the kids about van Gogh's Starry Night and replicate the scene with oil pastels.

11:00 am - lock down drill
11:10 am - Jocelyn has her first speech therapy session. I think this is going to be the best thing ever. She's got homework she's excited to do (working on the s sound).

11:45 am - get to Graeden's class and prepare supplies for students. Another docent teaches about tints and shades and we do a mosaic project.

1:15 pm - School's out and the kids and I are putting art supplies away. The boys ask where Elliott is. After saying that he was with NanaBapa (my kids say it as one word) Graeden then proceeds to tell me that he threw up on the bus.


Yeah. But he did it all quiet-like. In the bag. No one knew except his two friends next to him. When he got to class he put it in the trash. His teacher saw and asked him if he was okay. Apparently, he felt better after getting rid of last night's salad (a fantastic orange pomegranate one).

And here's me: trying not to laugh out loud. I'm so proud of my boy. What a trooper. 

5:30 pm - Tymon comes home and takes a nap
7:30 pm - we go to wake up Tymon for scriptures and Jocelyn jumps on the bed. He says he's feeling sick. We leave.

7:32 pm - "Bridget! I need you!" Tymon calls to the next room.
7:33 pm - I'm flushing the contents of his barf bowl.

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  1. hehehe. What troopers you have! My eldest child knows how to play it up at school so she can get the nurse to call me to pick her up. This last time I told her that I wasn't doing that again unless she was actually throwing up.


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