March 1, 2012

The Last Letter

Sending off the last letter.
February's Month of Letters warms my heart and now that it's over you'll hear me breathing a great sigh of relief. I enjoyed writing and connecting with others. Each night, Tymon and I walked to the mail box late. Often after midnight. I don't think I've seen so many stars since working outside in the desert of southern Utah. The one on one time with Tymon walking with the heavens was the best part.
 I admit it, though, there were times when the hour was late and I didn't know who to write but I knew I had to choose someone, pressure mounting with each passing minute. Hense the feeling of relief because I no longer have to choose someone.
So who did I choose? 25 lovlies - family, friends (high school, college, mission, church, work), a stranger in the hospital, Costco, DSHS, and even my old host families in France and Russia (until now I never contacted either one after leaving).
I think the most difficult part of the letter writing was thinking that I had to write something that wasn't already on my blog...did you notice a shortage of posts this past month? Yeah, I had to save my material for the letters. Another challenge was getting over the feeling  that I needed to write timeless messages of if they had to be like dying words to remember me by. Ha ha ha. Since I don't intend to check out for a while, I forced myself to be present and write in an every day conversational tone. It made me think about each reader as a person and appreciate each relationship.
I received many forms of responses: one return hand-written letter (yes!), phone calls, several emails, Facebook messages, and even a text. Thank you!
So what's next? We Johns are a driven sort. Tymon and I are taking on A Total Transformation for 30 minutes a day this month. We expect to develop at least a couple effective parenting strategies out of the program. Short and sweet goals certainly make self improvement seem manageable. 

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