April 30, 2012

Kira's First Tooth - Early

This past week, I've felt a little bit out of touch. With family. With friends. With me. And there's nothing like a humility trip to bring me into focus, all the while attempting to pull my foot out of my mouth.

The culmination of events happened on Sunday when Tymon asked me, "Did you know Kira has a tooth coming in?" As in, I put my finger in her mouth and felt it. It's already cut through. And I had no idea. It's not like I nurse her several times a day and would know stuff like that. Oh wait! Yes, I do. How did my baby's first tooth escape me??? Maybe because our children usually get teeth when they are about a year old. Kira's a couple months early. But I'm just making excuses now...

Kira's had a rash on her body/legs. I thought it was something I ate (dairy). Possibly a laundry detergent reaction. But now the scabs look more like chicken pox. A friend at church asked about it. I'm wondering if I should get a titer done at her next well-child visit to see if she's immune to it. What if she had some major childhood illness and I totally didn't know? Luckily, Kira's too young and uncoordinated to scratch an itchy rash.

I thought her fever, diarrhea vomiting and inability to hold her head up Friday night was a result of the lavender oil I put on her. Now I'm wondering about that. What if she has some infectious disease? Or my wish to attend a chicken pox party earlier this month came about unbeknownst to me? If so, this is the sweetest case I've ever seen.

2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Yikes! Poor girl. I wish I had know this before Brett and I both held her today. :) Is it clearing up?

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself. You have lots of things and children on your plate. Work on some time management skills that fit your lifestyle and needs. Maybe check on each kid right before bed, or after a bath, and get into a routine to checking them over at a certain point each day. . . something like that.


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