April 22, 2012

A Man's Toy

There is a little bit of pressure living in our neighborhood to have a nice yard. We've never received a nasty-gram from the homeowner's association to take care of our weed infestation. But we could have. Our neighbors must either like us or feel sorry for us to not turn us in. A few times a year I go out and weed a little bit. Just so they know it's on my mind.

We haven't paid for any bark, mulch or soil (expensive dirt) in 3 years...and our neighbors do every year. I was talking to the guys working on the neighbors' yards and got a couple estimates on what it would cost to clean up our yard. We actually called one of the guy's to set up a time to come, but he didn't call back in a timely manner...and my self-inflicted pressure to get rid of our weeds got the best of me. I called the topsoil place and had them bring in a truckload (15 cubic yards) of garden mulch.

It's been sitting in our cul-de-sac for a week. Eek. Tymon worked all day yesterday moving it to various parts of the yard. Poor guy. His arms are like jelly. The pile is considerably smaller...but I'm sure it'll take him another several hours to move it to where it needs to go in the back yard ... and then we have to spread it. The front flower beds are almost done, though. And that's a relief. I get an allergy shot tomorrow and won't be able to work in the yard for a while.

We got a new toy for Tymon to mow the yard. He thought clearing the cul-de-sac was more important than mowing the lawn so I decided that I'd do it. What's funny is that it's a manual transmission and I jerk it around just like when I was learning to drive at 15. Yikes!

I took one circle around the back yard before he came to tell me something. He forgot what that was and wanted to try out the mower. Yeah. He wouldn't let me back on. He loved it that much. Sweet. The two hour job took 15 minutes and Elliott got a ride. I think our boys are going to love this tool in a few years.

4 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Your house is so pretty! We have been spreading mulch, too. Such a pain but it looks so nice when you're done. Love the new mower! We have a riding mower and it really makes a huge difference. Enjoy! :o)

  2. You might want to hide the keys (hopefully there are keys) to the new mower because if I were your kids, I'd sneak the keys and take it for a spin for the fun of it.

  3. Ha ha ha. Good idea. I don't think they could get it started though...they have to have the clutch in and they're too short to engage it.

  4. Pretty house (makes me miss my home in Idaho, just not all the yard work that comes with it).


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