April 13, 2012

Picnic Dinner

We enjoyed a picnic dinner at the park this evening. We've got to take advantage of the weather when it's nice out. 

 Kira's got such a sweet smile...but didn't quite know what to make of the swing. She didn't cry, but was very startled when it started moving.

The boys loved the tree. It had so many branches.

 Jett started calling for me...don't judge because I took a photo. He only dropped 3 feet.

Tymon and I saw the Hunger Games after our picnic. Wow. That was intense. And the swiftness of the camera and zooming in and out of focus made me sick a little. It also stirred up in me my freedom loving and rebellious spirit. Those people need to stand up for themselves. I'm sure this feeling would have been stronger had I read the book. But I haven't. I started reading it and fell asleep after two pages. That happened twice. So I didn't pick it up again. I'm glad there was a movie made.  Now I know what the hype's been about.

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  1. Your boys liked our trees, too. Except Jett. He stuck with ground level activities :)


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