May 26, 2012

Beyond My Father's Diet: Allergy Detection

I used to think people with allergies were weak.
Throwing around the phrase,
"I can't eat X, I'm allergic."
Like having an allergy is a choice they made.
They just didn't want to eat something.

My cynicism may come from the fact that
I used to say the same thing about seafood.
Because the smell turns my stomach.
And I want to hurl.
One day, I found out I really was
Allergic to shellfish.
As in, swell up and die type of allergic.
That's convenient.
I didn't want to eat that crab salad anyway.

Something that isn't discussed very often
Is that food affects us
Not just to give us energy
But it has the power to heal
And the power to afflict

From our family hike this morning.
After reading about one of my friend's battles
With her child's behavior
I started cutting food-dye out of our diet
My boys hated that
Since that meant I didn't buy pickles
Would you believe those have yellow #5 in them?
But I found some good little gherkins at Trader Joe's
So we're back and business
And my pickle tangent is over

My sweet little Graeden was an angel
For the first year of his life
Then he turned on me
I thought he was hypoglycemic
The pediatrician told me to feed him frequently
Um, yeah

Over the years the defiant behavior got worse
But sometimes I had my sweet boy back
I had him tested for allergies a couple years ago
He had antibodies for wheat
Indicating a possible allergy
I ignored that
Because really
Wheat is the staff of life
(Or is that bread?)
Cutting out wheat is hard
I know
Because I've done it all week
And Graeden's been a nice kid
Except after eating Tymon's birthday cake
And after the birthday party in school on Friday

We'll keep up with the no wheat
And my gluten-free bread recipe will be perfected
Oh, the days of crappy bread are back
But maybe spelt will be okay...
We'll experiment this summer
When I have total control over diet

My niece is doing gluten-free this week
We made corn tortillas together on Monday
What I thought was teen acne
Was really eczema
And after a few short days
Her face is clearing up

Allergies show up as more than swelling up and dying
Jocelyn is blotchy with milk
Graeden has LOUSY behavior with wheat
Cousin has eczema bad
I've had eczema my entire life

I wonder what other allergies
Are lurking around our house
Just waiting to be discovered

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  1. I think a lot of people in our family have a mild allergy to wheat. I know I do. I have attempted gluten free several times and it helps but it is difficult to maintain.


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