May 13, 2012

Turning In My Stretch Marks

When being a parent wasn't fun anymore, my mother used to tell my siblings and I that she was turning in her stretch marks. I used to think that was a funny expression. As if that would really be possible. Ha ha ha. But I'm not laughing anymore. I completely relate. Life has been hard for me the last couple of weeks (I'm including some photos of activities we did below). Tymon was in Bahrain for a week and flying solo as a parent isn't very fun. He's back now but I'm still tightly wound. And ready to turn in my own stretch marks. Ugh. Happy Mother's Day to me. Bleh.

Jocelyn, Elliott, Jett, Cousin Ethan and a random kid in back at the park.
Sometimes, I have the best kids ever. They're smart, funny and oh so cute. Other times, a lot of times, they are rude, belligerent, disobedient and blow me off. And now they curse. I'm not just talking about the sh word or biatch. Those were used last week. This week, they've taken it up a notch. Jett dropped the f-bomb the other day while tattling on what Graeden has been saying. Of course none of the boys knew what it meant or how strong of a word it is.
Jett and Ethan
Playing at the beach.
My sister and younger brother and our children on a hike.
A hike isn't complete without at least one case of stinging nettle.
Reminds me of my youth at the Dog 'n Deli, the video arcade and deli my parents owned and operated for a few years when I was five. I loved that place. We got to eat all the hot dogs we wanted and filled our pockets with video game tokens and played all afternoon. Centipede and Ms. Pacman were my favorite.

Spending quality time with teenagers every day gave us an education that my mother didn't anticipate. We  got an advanced street smarts education from the regular customers (street kids). I have one strong memory from when I was five. I had heard a lot of bad language. I knew those words shouldn't be used. All the same, I wanted to try it out. In a secret place. Where my mom would never find I went to the restroom just a few feet away from the deli, where my mom was serving customers. Then I proceeded to spew out every foul word I'd ever heard. At the top of my lungs. So much for no one finding me out. Everyone heard. Wow. 

Remembering this story brings a smile to my face. I don't remember getting yelled at or spanked or anything like that. The memory fades quickly after my mother burst into the restroom to stop the filth coming out of my mouth. 

Maybe my kids aren't so bad after all...

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  1. We've told Lilly those words can only be said in the bathroom, since that's the only place that "potty mouth" is permitted. I love when she tells my older brother & father to go in there and use their bad words, since they aren't supposed to be said anywhere else.

  2. I'm glad we haven't had a problem with swearing. However, when my oldest was in kindergarten, she started tagging our furniture with the number 13. Seriously? Thankfully that phase was short lived.
    PS I would have turned in my stretch marks yesterday too. :)

  3. You are a great mom Bridget! I hope you had a great Mother's Day. I don't remember you swearing in the bathroom at the Dog N Deli. I do remember you going to the principal's office for writing an inappropriate word (not a swear word) and mom's only reaction was to make sure you knew how to spell it correctly (I won't mention the word but I'm sure you remember).

  4. Debbie, we do the potty words in the bathroom thing, too. They go in there and suddenly have nothing left to say anymore. Until they come out, that is. Then they are full of the poopy doody head talk again. Then we go to washing the dirty mouth out. Graeden cleaned his own mouth out with soap and was smiling much so that I didn't think he'd actually used soap. But Tymon saw him put a handful of foam in, so I'm thinking that punishment won't be effective for him anymore (it still is for Jett, though).

    Mother's day started out well enough. Tymon made me an omelette and even had a dollop of sour cream and cilantro garnish on it. Wowsa. But it wasn't so great in the evening and I turned into a screaming Mimi.

    Yes, I remember the principal's office and my mother's reaction. It was priceless...and one day I should blog about it...and other ways my mother allowed me to safely rebel.

  5. That story about you is hilarious! I know how you feel about kids making you crazy. Noah has been so screamy and tantrum-y lately that I yell back and then I think, "what am I doing?" It's just funny to yell, "You stop yelling right now, it's not nice!" haha


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