June 21, 2012

Small Girl, Big Crush

The Johns family joined the church choir last Sunday (don't laugh). We were there early for practice and Jocelyn and her friend Scott were running around hand in hand. After we were done, a six year old girl approached me and complained that she had wanted to say hi to Scott but Jocelyn wouldn't let her near him. 

Unfortunately, Scott is moving tomorrow. I took him and his sister to the park today. I wanted Jocelyn to have one last play date with him and give their mother a chance to pack up some final things. But most importantly, I wanted to document Jocelyn's first crush. 

My sweet little innocent Jocelyn was full on flirting with Scott. She really likes him. She makes my heart smile. I wonder what she'll be like in another ten years when the crushes are bigger.

Scott and Jocelyn's relationship even has highs and lows just like a grown up crush. One minute they're friends and the next minute one pushes the other and the friendship is over. After a while, I just put my camera down and tried to etch the picture of them into my memory.

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June 18, 2012

Jovana's New Tat

It all started out friendly enough. Jovana made a pesto salad dressing for Tymon's Father's Day dinner. We loved it...but it's strong virtues were lost on the boys. They barely choked it down.

About 10:30 pm, Jovana was unloading the dishwasher and trying to attach the glass blender with it's cleaned blade. It slipped. Hit the granite counter top as she was catching it. And she watched a huge piece of glass slice her finger open.

 Remember the guys in high school gym class that used to yell stuff like, "Sacrifice your body for the game," when they wanted you to dive for the ball?  Yeah, well that's how serious Jovana is about a clean sink. It doesn't matter what the cost is. The dishes will be done.

We live about 3 minutes away from the hospital and were the only ones in the ER when we arrived. They got us right in and the doctor was stitching up Jovana's hand in no time. I mean seriously, how often can you be in and out of the ER in an hour? That was us last night.

And Jovana has a new "tattoo". Now for sure she'll never forget her name. Or the doctor who was an exchange student in college. He went back to Ecuador to visit his host family for a couple of weeks, ended up meeting a girl and staying a year. They are now married and living here. He was such an easy going doctor and personable.

June 11, 2012


Sometimes when Jovana and I are together, we practice writing. Tonight, we sat on the couch in the family room and read some of the "I Am" poems in Graeden's third grade class project. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, "I Am" poetry is deep. And fun. Jocelyn, Jovana and I made our own. They are posted below. It's a simple pattern and the exercise takes less than ten minutes. You should totally do it. Like right now. Seriously. Read the poems. Get out a paper and write your own. Then post it to the comment section. Because it's going to be good.

I am a mother and a lover
I wonder if I'll ever not be tired
I hear the laughter of little children
I see pen on the walls
I want the markings to come off the car seats
I am a mother and a lover

I pretend sometimes that I have no responsibilities
I feel sticky fingers
I touch satin skin
I worry about passing my weaknesses to my children
I cry when I'm drained
I am a mother and a lover

I understand little people grow up
I believe they'll turn out alright
I dream of traveling with my family to a far away land
I try to speak kindly
I hope one day to be reunited with all my children
I am a mother and a lover
-Bridget Johns

I am Jocelyn and I'm three
I wonder what My Little Pony is doing
I hear the fan
I see a pen
I want the iPad
I am Jocelyn and I'm three

I pretend to be a momma
I feel you, Mommy!
I touch the sky
I worry about my momma
I cry when I'm not with mom
I am Jocelyn and I'm three

I understand you
I believe you, Mom
I dream about everything I see
I see Evan up in the sky
He died
I try my very best
I hope Evan won't die
I am Jocelyn and I'm three
-Jocelyn Johns

I am a girl who loves to love and be loved
I wonder what my life will be like in 30 years
I hear people laugh every day
I see people enjoy their lives
I want to stay positive 'til my expiration date
I am a girl who loves to love and be loved

I pretend to be smart even when I am not
I feel happy when someone randomly gives me a hug
I touch my hair many times a day
I worry I'll be late
I cry when I'm scared
I am a girl who loves to love and be loved

I understand and love to listen to other people's stories
I believe I can always do more
I dream about having a big loving family
I try to be good at what I do
I hope I'll never let anyone take my smile away from me
I am a girl who loves to love and be loved
-Jovana Paunovic

"I Am" Poem Pattern
(complete the phrases)

I am _____ and _____
I wonder _____
I hear _____
I see  _____
I want  _____
(repeat first line)

I pretend _____
I feel  _____
I touch  _____
I worry _____
I cry  _____
(repeat first line)

I understand   _____
I believe  _____
I dream  _____
I try  _____
I hope  _____
(repeat first line)

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June 10, 2012

Evan: We Dig You

We joke about Evan's brothers digging him up.
You know.
For a play date.
But we really wouldn't do it.
Although there's a little guy who would.
I mean he's tried a couple times this week.
A mole has infiltrated the cemetery.

Does that disturb anyone else?
He's put a little pile of dirt in Evan's garden.
AND uprooted one of the flowers Jovana and I just planted.
How totally rude!

But just so you don't think moles can get to Evan
I should tell you that when people are buried,
They make a cement box six feet under.
The coffin goes in the box.
Then a cement lid is placed on top.
So moles won't be digging through our beloved family and friends.
That'd be so gross if that really happened.

Evan's 5th Birthday Party
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June 3, 2012

Artichokes: Now That's Hot!

We ate the most beautiful (and delicious) artichokes for dinner tonight. I started cooking them with garlic in the water not too long ago. Oh wow. That really enhances the goodness. 

So, ever since I turned anti-soybean oil, I haven't bought any mayonnaise (our favorite artichoke condiment).  Usually, when we have a guest over for dinner, and if they happen to ask whether or not we have any mayonnaise, I say, "no, I haven't made any." And I pretend as if I make my own mayonnaise all the time. But the truth of the matter is that I've never made it...until tonight. I made my own with olive oil. It was good...but different than what you'd buy in the store. Definitely had more of a distinctive sauce-like taste instead of the mild tasting glob-like substance that screams, "heart attack!" I asked Tymon if he liked it and he hadn't decided yet. I take that as a good sign since he finished every last bit in his saucer. 

Earlier this week we were at a teriyaki restaurant and gave Kira some rice to eat. It was hot and as I was signing "hot" for her she put her open hand to her mouth and pulled it away. Twice. I excitedly told Tymon but she wouldn't do it when he was looking.

Tonight, we gave Miss Sweet Sweet Lovin' some leaves of her own (without the mayo). They were hot and when I signed "hot" for her, she signed it back. Yay! So it really was on purpose! I'm excited that she has begun to communicate in contextually appropriate ways (she signs milk all the time, but since it's never when she's hungry or just nursed, I think she's just discovering that her fingers move when she wants them to).

I'm also happy Kira's following in the footsteps of her siblings. They'll never remember a time when they didn't love artichokes.
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June 2, 2012

Pimping Out With Pinterest

I've been wanting to make a banner for parties and home comings that my boys couldn't destroy....since they obliterated the paper dollar store banner we had (and have used at every birthday party for the last few years). 
I think I've used Pinterest for a recipe here or there over the past few months, but I've never crafted anything from it. Until today that is. I invited over a new friend from church and we got to work. Should I admit that when she left 7 hours later that mine wasn't even done yet? I finished mine up a couple hours later. You probably think I must have taken lots of breaks in that time period. Nope. I didn't. We had a sandwich for lunch and popcorn for dinner. Not the best. But the wonderful news is that my banner is done...just in time to welcome Jovana home. She'll be here in a short 36 hours. Yay!

Pinterest banner tutorial.
Emily's banner turned out super cute.

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June 1, 2012

Left Hanging

I've given myself a few days
To write this post.
Just to cool down.

I worked all day Tuesday.
Picked up Jocelyn from school.
Got home no more than 5 minutes
After the boys.

How long is 5 minutes?
Almost nothing and eternity
Wrapped up into one.
It's long enough to open the garage door,
Get a bright idea,

Seattle Center Fountain on Monday
Try to catch the door as it goes up,
Hang from the door,
Pull it off the rollers,
Times three,
Good times.

Seattle Center Whale statue

Until I pull into the cul-de-sac
And see the double garage door
Hanging awkwardly.
Won't move up or down.
Stuck open.
Boys no where to be seen.

No one knows what happened.
No one will admit anything.
It came to my attention
One small boy was afraid
Of telling the truth,
Of getting into trouble.

Let me see if I can put it
Into perspective....
Yes, I believe I can.

There are two options.
You can be in trouble
Or in big trouble.
Either way you're in trouble.
But if you lie to me
You're in BIG trouble.

Jett chose wisely.
He only wanted regular-sized trouble.
Good boy.
I told him I wouldn't spank him
Since he told the truth.

But I was angry.
As in REALLY angry.
And I yelled.
A lot.
I may or may not
Have threatened him
If he ever tried a stunt like this again.
And just because I
Felt compelled
To have him experience
Just a small portion of my distress.

I reached into his mouth,
Got a grip on his wiggly tooth,
And yanked it out
With one swift motion.
Blood pooled.
He burst into tears.
It hurt

After finishing running through fountain at Seattle Center.
Until he realized
The Tooth Fairy would visit
For the first time ever.
Then everything was all better.

It took me 45 minutes
To get the rollers back in
And on track.
I'm so happy not to have
To call the garage door repairman.
It'd take Jett
A few years
To do enough chores
And earn enough Tooth Fairy money
To pay for that.
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