June 3, 2012

Artichokes: Now That's Hot!

We ate the most beautiful (and delicious) artichokes for dinner tonight. I started cooking them with garlic in the water not too long ago. Oh wow. That really enhances the goodness. 

So, ever since I turned anti-soybean oil, I haven't bought any mayonnaise (our favorite artichoke condiment).  Usually, when we have a guest over for dinner, and if they happen to ask whether or not we have any mayonnaise, I say, "no, I haven't made any." And I pretend as if I make my own mayonnaise all the time. But the truth of the matter is that I've never made it...until tonight. I made my own with olive oil. It was good...but different than what you'd buy in the store. Definitely had more of a distinctive sauce-like taste instead of the mild tasting glob-like substance that screams, "heart attack!" I asked Tymon if he liked it and he hadn't decided yet. I take that as a good sign since he finished every last bit in his saucer. 

Earlier this week we were at a teriyaki restaurant and gave Kira some rice to eat. It was hot and as I was signing "hot" for her she put her open hand to her mouth and pulled it away. Twice. I excitedly told Tymon but she wouldn't do it when he was looking.

Tonight, we gave Miss Sweet Sweet Lovin' some leaves of her own (without the mayo). They were hot and when I signed "hot" for her, she signed it back. Yay! So it really was on purpose! I'm excited that she has begun to communicate in contextually appropriate ways (she signs milk all the time, but since it's never when she's hungry or just nursed, I think she's just discovering that her fingers move when she wants them to).

I'm also happy Kira's following in the footsteps of her siblings. They'll never remember a time when they didn't love artichokes.
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  1. We LOVE artichokes too, and we always eat them with regular ol' Best Foods Mayo. We tried buying the olive oil, low fat, and canola oil kinds, but none of them taste right. I am fearful about trying to make my own...


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