June 10, 2012

Evan: We Dig You

We joke about Evan's brothers digging him up.
You know.
For a play date.
But we really wouldn't do it.
Although there's a little guy who would.
I mean he's tried a couple times this week.
A mole has infiltrated the cemetery.

Does that disturb anyone else?
He's put a little pile of dirt in Evan's garden.
AND uprooted one of the flowers Jovana and I just planted.
How totally rude!

But just so you don't think moles can get to Evan
I should tell you that when people are buried,
They make a cement box six feet under.
The coffin goes in the box.
Then a cement lid is placed on top.
So moles won't be digging through our beloved family and friends.
That'd be so gross if that really happened.

Evan's 5th Birthday Party
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2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. We miss you Evan. <3 we love you dearly.

  2. We miss you Evan. <3 we love you dearly.


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