June 11, 2012


Sometimes when Jovana and I are together, we practice writing. Tonight, we sat on the couch in the family room and read some of the "I Am" poems in Graeden's third grade class project. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, "I Am" poetry is deep. And fun. Jocelyn, Jovana and I made our own. They are posted below. It's a simple pattern and the exercise takes less than ten minutes. You should totally do it. Like right now. Seriously. Read the poems. Get out a paper and write your own. Then post it to the comment section. Because it's going to be good.

I am a mother and a lover
I wonder if I'll ever not be tired
I hear the laughter of little children
I see pen on the walls
I want the markings to come off the car seats
I am a mother and a lover

I pretend sometimes that I have no responsibilities
I feel sticky fingers
I touch satin skin
I worry about passing my weaknesses to my children
I cry when I'm drained
I am a mother and a lover

I understand little people grow up
I believe they'll turn out alright
I dream of traveling with my family to a far away land
I try to speak kindly
I hope one day to be reunited with all my children
I am a mother and a lover
-Bridget Johns

I am Jocelyn and I'm three
I wonder what My Little Pony is doing
I hear the fan
I see a pen
I want the iPad
I am Jocelyn and I'm three

I pretend to be a momma
I feel you, Mommy!
I touch the sky
I worry about my momma
I cry when I'm not with mom
I am Jocelyn and I'm three

I understand you
I believe you, Mom
I dream about everything I see
I see Evan up in the sky
He died
I try my very best
I hope Evan won't die
I am Jocelyn and I'm three
-Jocelyn Johns

I am a girl who loves to love and be loved
I wonder what my life will be like in 30 years
I hear people laugh every day
I see people enjoy their lives
I want to stay positive 'til my expiration date
I am a girl who loves to love and be loved

I pretend to be smart even when I am not
I feel happy when someone randomly gives me a hug
I touch my hair many times a day
I worry I'll be late
I cry when I'm scared
I am a girl who loves to love and be loved

I understand and love to listen to other people's stories
I believe I can always do more
I dream about having a big loving family
I try to be good at what I do
I hope I'll never let anyone take my smile away from me
I am a girl who loves to love and be loved
-Jovana Paunovic

"I Am" Poem Pattern
(complete the phrases)

I am _____ and _____
I wonder _____
I hear _____
I see  _____
I want  _____
(repeat first line)

I pretend _____
I feel  _____
I touch  _____
I worry _____
I cry  _____
(repeat first line)

I understand   _____
I believe  _____
I dream  _____
I try  _____
I hope  _____
(repeat first line)

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4 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Guys, she is right. You should totally do it. Write your poem. I didn't really feel like doing it, but once we started, I realized it was a lot of fun. =] thank you teacher... I mean Bridget. =] <3

  2. I told Jovana she could use the iPad to check her email once she was done with her writing exercise. Ha ha ha. It's a great motivator! Maybe tomorrow we'll finish the stories we started yesterday. I really want to read the end of hers.

  3. "I Am" Poem by Kristal Andersen 6-13-12
    (written the day our son Zane who was placed with us for adoption was taken from us and returned to his tribe)

    I am a mother and I’m heartbroken
    I wonder if I’ll ever see Zane again
    I hear him say “Mama”
    I see his cute little grin
    I want him back
    I am a mother and I’m heartbroken

    I pretend he is still with our family
    I feel his soft cheeks
    I touch his little fingers
    I worry about what the future holds for him
    I cry for my son Zane
    I am a mother and I’m heartbroken

    I understand I could not keep him
    I believe I will one day see him again
    I dream of holding him again in my arms and singing “Hush Little Baby”
    I try to not think of him because it’s too painful to have empty arms
    I hope he will find a good loving family
    I am a mother and I’m heartbroken

  4. Beautiful Kristal. I love you. The hardest thing to do (and most healing) is to face your grief head on. I hear your soul weeping in your poem as you validate your own grief. Keep writing...


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