June 1, 2012

Left Hanging

I've given myself a few days
To write this post.
Just to cool down.

I worked all day Tuesday.
Picked up Jocelyn from school.
Got home no more than 5 minutes
After the boys.

How long is 5 minutes?
Almost nothing and eternity
Wrapped up into one.
It's long enough to open the garage door,
Get a bright idea,

Seattle Center Fountain on Monday
Try to catch the door as it goes up,
Hang from the door,
Pull it off the rollers,
Times three,
Good times.

Seattle Center Whale statue

Until I pull into the cul-de-sac
And see the double garage door
Hanging awkwardly.
Won't move up or down.
Stuck open.
Boys no where to be seen.

No one knows what happened.
No one will admit anything.
It came to my attention
One small boy was afraid
Of telling the truth,
Of getting into trouble.

Let me see if I can put it
Into perspective....
Yes, I believe I can.

There are two options.
You can be in trouble
Or in big trouble.
Either way you're in trouble.
But if you lie to me
You're in BIG trouble.

Jett chose wisely.
He only wanted regular-sized trouble.
Good boy.
I told him I wouldn't spank him
Since he told the truth.

But I was angry.
As in REALLY angry.
And I yelled.
A lot.
I may or may not
Have threatened him
If he ever tried a stunt like this again.
And just because I
Felt compelled
To have him experience
Just a small portion of my distress.

I reached into his mouth,
Got a grip on his wiggly tooth,
And yanked it out
With one swift motion.
Blood pooled.
He burst into tears.
It hurt

After finishing running through fountain at Seattle Center.
Until he realized
The Tooth Fairy would visit
For the first time ever.
Then everything was all better.

It took me 45 minutes
To get the rollers back in
And on track.
I'm so happy not to have
To call the garage door repairman.
It'd take Jett
A few years
To do enough chores
And earn enough Tooth Fairy money
To pay for that.
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2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. "Spank" "Yank" "Blood" Hope CPS isn't reading this.

    Is there a way to download in one fell swoop all of your blogs where they can be sorted and organized and printed out? If not, that would be a wonderful application. For example, if you could type in the word JETT and it would give you every blog with Jett mentioned in chronological order. And then you could print it out in a book format.

  2. Yes, they have services that turn blogs into books...but when you're as prolific as I am, that turns into a lot of pages. Unfortunately, they don't keep any of your formating, so when I've downloaded it in the past it doesn't look that great.


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