June 21, 2012

Small Girl, Big Crush

The Johns family joined the church choir last Sunday (don't laugh). We were there early for practice and Jocelyn and her friend Scott were running around hand in hand. After we were done, a six year old girl approached me and complained that she had wanted to say hi to Scott but Jocelyn wouldn't let her near him. 

Unfortunately, Scott is moving tomorrow. I took him and his sister to the park today. I wanted Jocelyn to have one last play date with him and give their mother a chance to pack up some final things. But most importantly, I wanted to document Jocelyn's first crush. 

My sweet little innocent Jocelyn was full on flirting with Scott. She really likes him. She makes my heart smile. I wonder what she'll be like in another ten years when the crushes are bigger.

Scott and Jocelyn's relationship even has highs and lows just like a grown up crush. One minute they're friends and the next minute one pushes the other and the friendship is over. After a while, I just put my camera down and tried to etch the picture of them into my memory.

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  1. Those are the cutest pictures ever! First love!


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