July 18, 2012

Family Reunion Highs and Lows

Family Reunion Highs
1. Camping with no dirt, no campfire, no cooking and flush toilets. (We set up our tent in the back yard of our host.)

2. The ingenuity of our cousins...check out this homemade merry-go-round. The kids spent hours on this thing. They also loved shooting off the 2-liter soda bottles into the trees.

3. Swimming - both in the lake and at the water park. We headed over the mountains and the weather was so nice. It was hot with fantastic breezes.

4. I was happy to find that the family in my grandparents' old home have taken excellent care of the lawn and gardens. I have so many memories there...

5. My cousin took Graeden, Jovana and I shooting while his mother watched the other kids. I should warn you, I'm a pretty good shot. Can you even believe that bulls-eye? Yeah. I did that. And yes, I used a scope on for it. BUT I had some other pretty good shots without a scope. We got to use several different guns. One I haven't used before was a muzzle loader like what was used in the American Civil War. We measured gun powder, poured it in and then shoved in the lead ball before shooting it. That was cool. We also got a little history lesson. We shot a few different rifles and a shotgun as well as a couple of hand guns. Graeden's favorite was the AK-47. He was talking to Jett about it later and I heard Jett exasperated exclaim, "I don't even know what an AK-47 is!" Ha ha ha. Graeden has made sure that he knows now.

Family Reunion Lows
1. Sometimes I feel awkward around people (cousins) I should know but I don't. And all the names swirl around in my head and I mix people up. Eek. I suppose that means I need to go to more reunions.

2. But even more awkward and probably my low for this year was telling the life guard at the aquatics center that Jett puked in the pool. Yeah, that was gross. I was trying to give him a swimming lesson. Only he thought he was drowning. I had him in back float position and was holding his head out of the water. And he worked himself into a panic. Picture me trying to be calm and him screaming that he was drowning. Then he said he was going to throw up. I didn't believe him. Joke's on me. He spewed chunks of carrot and cucumber all over. They shut that part of the pool down for 45 minutes and cleaned it up. He finally calmed down and I'm happy to say that he finished his swim lesson in shallow water by doing 100 leg kicks. 

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  1. I love camping with no dirt and flushing toilets!!!


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