July 15, 2012


Elliott had the coolest fireworks photos this year.
The sun was shining on the 4th of July.
It was a beautiful day.
And full.
Flag raising and pancake breakfast at the church.
Parade and street fair.

Cotton candy and snow-cones.
Barbecue at my uncle's house.
Tymon and Graeden snuck off too the Indian Reservation.
Bought fireworks.

Barbecue at Tymon's sister's house.
Lit fireworks.

Too bad Elliott lost his arm.
Not really.
But it looks like it in the photo.

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2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. I think your baby really looks like Evan in that picture!

  2. Briana, I think so, too. It's not just the one photo, though. They look fairly similar often.


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