September 23, 2012


It was brought to my attention yesterday that some of you do not know what we are home now. We are. And have been since Wednesday. Thank you for your love and prayers.

I've heard bits and pieces about the 9/11 US Embassy attack in Libya, which happened while we were at Ferrari World riding the 150 mph roller coaster. No one there mentioned it. Or cheered. Or formed a mob. 

I took the opportunity on September 10th to take a desert driving class from a driving school in Dubai. Not only was the experience amazing and educational, but it also afforded me a chance to spend all day with an Arab Muslim named Rafiq. As a fellow driving instructor and my teacher, we built a relationship of trust while driving up and down dunes and learning how to get unstuck when I tried to break the laws of gravity....which opened the door to some great conversation. I asked him all sorts of questions about driving in the sand, as well as questions on women, culture, religion and even terrorists. 

Rafiq told me that if I just read the Koran then all my questions would be answered. I'm not sure about that, especially since there are as many varieties of Muslims as there are Christians...but I was interested to know his thoughts on Muslim extremists. He wasn't familiar with that term. I explained. He hadn't realized we called them Muslim at all since their actions are totally against the Koran. Hmmm. Good point. Rafiq and most other Muslims (he knows) do not share the violent views or terrorist acts of al-Qaeda.

What I like most about travel is getting a small glimpse into the lives of others. There are wonderful people all over the world. They have names. They have faces. They have families. They suffer loss. And grieve. We're not so different.
Lanterns for Evan's Angel Day

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