October 15, 2012

Mickey Hands To The Rescue

Two months ago, my parents gave Jocelyn a balloon.
She brought it home and immediately let it go.
Under our ceiling fan.
When it was on.
And the balloon went for a ride.
Round and round.
It was so fun.

Until I saw it.

The main problem is that we don't have a ladder
that reaches our vaulted ceilings...
But we do have a ladder.
And crutches
(temporarily due to Mathilde's sprained ankle 10 days ago).
And Mickey Hands.
Wrapped in packing tape.
And a jimmy-rigged rope to operate said sticky fingers.
Oh yeah.
Tymon got that stupid balloon down.
Three cheers for MacGuyver!
And I thought Mickey Hands were just a toy.

What a relief not to have to look at that anymore.

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3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. How do you get the room heated with such a high ceiling?????

  2. We get heat a few ways...

    #1. the fan blows the warm air around.
    #2. Directly across from the top windows you see, there is a window to our play room. The heat flows freely between the main floor and one above. The whole house layout is pretty open.
    #3. We put on sweaters when it's cold. :o)


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