October 8, 2012

Rat's Nest

There's been a rat's nest at the nape of my neck for several weeks. It comes a few hours after brushing my hair in the morning and gets worse by mid-afternoon. I usually manage my tangles by using a heavy dose of conditioner on my hair after washing it...but it hasn't been working as well lately...as in I haven't liked the last three bottles of conditioner that I've bought.  

As noted here, I changed my hair care routine last week. No more bottles of shampoo and conditioner. Just baking soda and apple cider vinegar. The vinegar actually does a pretty good job with the tangles...but did nothing to prevent the rat's nest. So I braided my hair after my shower this morning and cut it off.

I have plans to donate 3 of my 4 braids to Locks of Love. My remaining one, I'm thinking of making into something for Kira. She loves my hair. Stroking it while in my arms. Twisting her little arm up in it. Brushing it on her face. She will miss it the most.

And what strikes me most about this haircut is how similar I now look to my sister...we haven't looked this much alike since we were 14 and 15, bought matching outfits and pretended to be twins.

Ahhh...the good ol' days.


8 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Nicely done! John loves playing with my hair, too. Do you think they will be the type of people who learn best by doing? And How is the new hair routine working out?

  2. Thank you!

    The new hair routine is going well. It works. I do sort of miss having something gooey to slather all over my head, though.

  3. Wow... You do look like Cristal a lot. =] I love your hair. It makes you even younger.
    However, I feel bad for Kira. She will lose her favorite "toy". =]

  4. Bridget, I was noticing how much you look like me now with your super cute hair cut, before I even read the remainder of your post. Now we can buy matching outfits and be twins again!

  5. Newest follower here. Cute blog, I can't wait to read more.


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