November 16, 2012

Beauty School Drop Out

Sweet Jocelyn.
So pleased with yourself...
And yet,
The Beauty School called.
You've been expelled.
They want their scissors back!

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8 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Oh no! I'd go for an extreme A-line bob that normally has a stacked back but in this case, I'd have them fade in the oh Kids! :)

  2. I say embrace it (what choice to you have) Go with a sassy shag -- super short all around -- but not as short as in the back.

    Then get five different colored T shirts made that all say the same thing " I cut my own hair" everyone will love it -- and relate to it.

    All I can say is thankfully it didn't happen in her Kindergarten classroom. LOL.

  3. Oh no! I'd take her to a real hair stylist and get an A-line bob. Also, maybe get her ears pierced since her hair will be so short??

  4. Remember when we cut each other's hair when we were like 3 and 4? It did eventually grow out and so will hers. You'll have some funny pictures to show her when she's older!

  5. Oh dear! Bring her over and we can try to salvage it! It may not be completely fixable, but we can try!

  6. Oh please! Share the after picture too!! hahahaha

  7. Ok....I thought Kalena was bad when she was little, but never anything like that. Oh my goodness, I am glad you took pictures to capture it.


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