November 12, 2012

Picking Cotton

A memory to enjoy at some point in the future...

Hey JC,
Remember that one time 
You, me and Don
Were driving from Savannah to Atlanta 
Seeing field after field of cotton? 
That was so cool. 
We'd never seen that before.

I needed a picture.
You pulled over.
Couldn't get close enough.
Scaled the fence.
The one with rusty barbed wire.
And prayed it didn't rip our pants.

We took a couple cotton souvenirs.
To show the kids.
Because it's something we hear about.
But have never seen.

Those were good times, Bro. 
Good times.

2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Oh sure, trespass onto a field, steal the farmer's product including seeds you can probably plant and grow for your own fields (thus becoming his competition) and then gloat about the experience to all your facebook friends and family! Is that what you want to be teaching your kids?

  2. Ha ha ha. Yup. That's it exactly.


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