December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

We have a Christmas Eve tradition of reading the story of Christ's birth and acting it out. Nana has some great costumes that we use. Tymon and I are usually Mary and Joseph since we usually have a new baby, but this year was different. Neither of my brothers were their with their new babies and since we'd done it last year with Kira, we transferred the reigns to the kids. Kira was much too busy to be a good Baby Jesus (think of Silent Night and "no crying he makes") but Jocelyn and Jett did well as her parents. The Wise Guy Graeden was a bit rambunctious and spilled his frankincense out all over the floor. The Wise Woman Mathilde was much more responsible with her myhrr. Shepherd Boy Elliott loves the little sheep. My father forgot to bring the old family bible to read, so he pulled out his scripture app on his phone to read. Ah, technology.

The best present ever, I received earlier on Christmas Eve. My aunt brought me my grandmother's engagement ring. I am named after her and the more I find out about her, the more I realize how much we have in common. My most vivid memories of my grandmother are from my teenaged years and she had Alzheimer's and didn't "know" who I was. She came to live with us a few months out of the year when my aunt (her caretaker) went on vacations. It was hard to get Grandma to eat her dinner sometimes but it my sister's and my responsibility to take care of her. One evening a friend gave us a box of homemade fudge. We started making dinner and put it on the kitchen table to save for dessert. Well, Grandma was sitting there quietly watching we thought. When dinner was all ready we started to bring it into the dining room and found the lid to the fudge slightly ajar. Turns out that Grandma devoured the entire tin. Like totally inhaled it. Ha ha ha. Wow. She could do the same thing with ice cream. And apparently, when you're in your 90s, it's okay to eat whatever you want.

 My aunt was telling me about some of Grandma's journals and I think it's time I go to her house in California to read up on Grandma. Of all of my ancestors, I feel pulled toward her family line more than any other.

We hope this holiday season finds your family in good health with lots of love and laughter. Merry Christmas!
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