December 9, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me

Remember my birthday last year?
I know you don't.
I didn't write about it.
It was terrible.
Last year didn't work out like I wanted.
I didn't think I'd have a happy birthday ever again.
In my whole life.

But this year...
Turned out fantastic.
Starting with a card
"From one of my children."
It was a riddle 
And I guessed the right kid.

Graeden made breakfast.
Scrambled eggs
With hot dogs
And cheese.

Tymon made lunch.
Fruit salad
With whipped cream.

Elliott made dinner.
Crock pot beef,
Baked potatoes,
And salad
With elderberry vinaigrette dressing.
So tasty.
He made the dressing
From scratch.
I just love that boy.

Mathilde made my birthday cake
With Belgian chocolate 
Personally imported
By her parents last month.
It was delicious
And warm when we ate it.
Unfortunately Kira got to it first.
Her snitch marks 
Didn't affect the flavor.
So no need to be upset
With our little Cindy Lou Who.
I just love her piggy tails.

Thank you all for your birthday greetings!
It's nice to be remembered
On such a great day.

5 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Happy Birthday, Bridget! You have a great family. Your name seems to come up in conversation every once in awhile at my parents house. They love you very much. Thanks for gracing us with your presence here on earth.

  2. Thanks Tina. Gracing you with my presence? Ha ha ha. You're the graceful one. And you also have a great family who graced me with their presence.

  3. Bridget, We're trying to remember a year ago and what went so wrong with your birthday. I guess you'll need to write about it after all to satisfy everybody's curiosity. Did we all forget to facebook you with happy birthdays?

    Mom and Dad

  4. I understand crummy birthdays. I'd love to hear about yours. And sure glad this year was better- happy birthday again!

  5. I'm glad your birthday went so well. I love Elliott's card. So cute!


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