January 1, 2013

21 Days To Brighter Crow's Feet

I'm generally a happy person and have many blessings (supportive husband, active children, nice home, plenty of food, lots of family and plenty of friends to name a few). Sometimes, when life doesn't pan out quite like I expected, the negative angel sitting on my shoulder starts to whisper trash talk in my ear.

Our first home was cute with a white picket fence and wonderful neighbors. It wasn't our dream home, but we were happy.

Then we added 4 boys to our family and I was pregnant with Jocelyn. Our home was starting to feel a little cramped since all the kids were in one bedroom. We wanted a home with more space and a yard that the kids could play in. And with neighbor kids who are the same age as our children.

We moved to a large home in a cul-de-sac with a good chunk of land and have wonderful neighbors. Ahhh, life was good and we were happy. I think. It's just that large homes require a lot of work. Especially new construction. Bigger homes mean more surface area for kids to mess up and more time cleaning. Some projects just get so overwhelming that they don't get done...like how we had no window coverings for 3 years.

So if a fantastic dream home doesn't make me happy, what will? I came across this Ted talk the other day by Shawn Achor and got excited about the prospect that I can do specific things to become a happier person.
Watch it. 
It's only 12 minutes. 
With funny stories. 
And fascinating scientific research. 
Click and watch. 

I'll wait....

21 Days to Brighter Crow's Feet

The best part about watching this talk is that now you don't need to read Shawn's book (time saver!) to find out what each of the happiness habits are. You can put them into practice now with the helpful list I found on The Happiness Coach's website

Eric Karpinski outlines the happiness habits as follows (click the links for more in depth info):
  • Happiness Habit #2, Regular Exercise.  If you are not exercising regularly, make getting that body moving a priority for the next 21 consecutive days.  Start simply – 10 minutes a day is enough.
  • Happiness Habit #5, Finding Meaning.  For 21 days in a row, write about one meaningful moment you experienced over the past 24 hours and include every detail you can remember.

So starting tomorrow and for 21 days thereafter, I will be spending a couple of minutes each day writing out three things I'm grateful for. I'll take February off (not really, I just want to do the letter a day challenge during February) and then I'll pick back up in March with the regular exercise challenge. April will be meditation, May will be a two line praise/gratitude email and June will be meaningful moments.

With a little bit of time and a little bit of daily effort, happiness will become a larger part of my life and with it, brighter crow's feet. Join me. I want to hear your experiences!

6 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. What a good idea. What is a letter a day?
    Off the topic, but your home is beautiful!

  2. I love the video as well, really gets you thinking.

  3. Last year I participated in a Month of Letters challenge. I really liked it and want to do it again.

    Here is the initial post I did about it. http://bridgetjohns.blogspot.com/2012/02/month-of-letters.html

    And the follow up at the end of the month is here: http://bridgetjohns.blogspot.com/2012/03/last-letter.html

  4. I'm doing the 21 day challenge with you and am on day 2 now.

  5. Here's my variation to your theme. When I was a kid, there was a columnist in the Berkeley Daily Gazette by a man who frequently talked about the COMPLIMENT CLUB. To be a member of the club, you needed to compliment three people you come in contact with every day. There wasn't any day off mentioned, as in weekends or holidays. Neither were there any maximums, just the minimum of three compliments.

    I occasionally make feeble efforts but with glorious results, by the way. A compliment will typically give someone a smile. Why don't I do it more often? I just don't seem to make the effort to go the twenty-one days that will form a habit. Perhaps I need to join a twelve-step group where we help each other to remember. Those meetings would have a lot of compliments expressed, I'm sure.

  6. I like the compliment idea. When our family gets to Happiness Habit #4 in May, we will have the kids do compliments (since email doesn't really work for kids who don't read...or parents who don't want to share their computers).


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