January 14, 2013

Chewing Frenzy

I'm not sure what we've gotten ourselves into with Spyra.
Is she normal?
Or a little psycho?
She chews on her metal exercise wheel.
I'd like to say that's all.
But it's not.

This afternoon when we got home from being out and about
And the boys came home from school
They noticed a little guy
Without an arm.

No arm.
I put some herbal salve on it.
Maybe it'll heal up.

But maybe not.
Yesterday we had 4 gerbil pups.
Today, we have 3.
He's gone without a trace.

So Spyra ate one?
.Then nibbled an arm off another?
Before quitting for the day?
We gave her extra food.
Although she shouldn't be hungry with all her feasting.

It makes me wonder
If the kids are touching the pups too much.
Maybe there's too much human smell on them?
I'll have to check if
It was this pup
Running the kids' maze
That we now call Gimpy.

So we're taking bets....
How many gerbil pups will we have in the morning?
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4 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. I just left a long comment, and then the computer freaked out and wasn't connected to the internet for a second and it's LOST.
    But in summary: I'm NEVER EVER getting a gerbil. And your video grossed me out, but probably because I have babies.

  2. Maybe she needs more protein? I'd try feeding her some meat, I doubt you have anything to lose... And if the pups are big enough to run around labyrinths, aren't they big enough to be separated from their... Praying mantis mom? Maybe she considers them competition? And is defending her food?

  3. We've started feeding her 3 times a day. Since she's nursing, we had upped the dose from 1/2 to a full Tablespoon. Now she's getting 3 Tbsp. per day. Unfortunately, the pups eyes are still closed. They only nurse and don't eat real food or drink water. So they can't be separated. I've read that gerbils eat babies if there is an infection or sickness and they don't want it to spread to the others.

    This morning we still had 3 pups. That's a relief! Hopefully, we still will when we get home this afternoon.


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