January 9, 2013

Clothes Mold If You Don't Do Laundry

Is it odd that I'm so excited to do laundry?
This past fall,
I tried to eek out the last
Of our washing machine's life.
It made a great effort.
I even called a repairman
To see if we could extend its life,
But it finally quit on us.

So I got serious about machines.
This time I went to Consumer Reports
And the first thing I checked
Was the repair history by brands
Because I had to pay that repairman
$150 to come to my house
And tell me the code our old washer flashed
Meant a $450 repair.
But that's another frustrating lesson
In the School Of Hard Knocks.

See this graph?
LG and Samsung
Look most reliable.
Whirlpools have double the repair issues.
And GE? 15%? EEK!

BrandRepairs and Serious Problems
Washing Machines

The second thing I checked were the ratings.
One of the top two listed
Happened to be the brand I wanted,
And lucky for me
It was the large capacity machine.
Large as in EXTRA large.
The largest home washer tested.
And that is exactly what our family needs.

This machine has a steam cleaning feature,
An allergy wash cycle for bedding
And laundry that sat a little damp
A little too long
And turned pretty shades of pink and yellow
From the mold.
Or is it peed in sheets?
I don't know.
But super hot and steamy cycles
Should clear it all up.

There are so many buttons
I had to read the owner's manual
Before starting the first load
And making a dent in the mountain of laundry
Stored in my bathroom.

I literally haven't done ANY this year...
And the end of last year, either.
The delivery backlog was 12 days.
That's a long time.
Especially for a family our size.

I asked the delivery guys to leave my old pedestal,
Thinking I could use it.
Except the old and new machines are different sizes.
What's two inches?
I guess a lot.

Now I have an extra pedestal
To raise up my laundry basket.
Only thing is that I can't open my dryer's drawer
More than 5 or 6 inches.
Good thing that's enough space
To reach in and grab a dryer sheet.

We're going to have a clothes folding party after school.
Wanna come?
Pretty please?

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3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. I can't fathom going 12 days between loads of laundry. I kick myself when I let it go 4 or 5. I am bit jealous of your extra large capacity washer and dryer. We still have the ones we bought 8 years ago when we were the parents of 1 child. Good luck with those piles of laundry though. Seriously- good luck!

  2. Can you write me and tell me what exactly it is. I know it is an LG, but which one? We are in the market.

  3. Pat and I would fold clothes with the kids in the living room and then close our eyes and wonder how they would disappear. We would accuse the fairies. We would make such a fuss that the kids (including you, dear little girl) would seem so pleased that they were really the fairies and the parents didn't know.

    I know you have tried doing that and lost clothes forever because the fairies didn't put them in the right places. You probably need a fairy checker with rewards for the best fairies.


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