January 19, 2013


Blackie, the all black pup with a white paw, opened his eyes on Thursday and Gimpy (black and white and missing limbs) and Bash (the other black and white one) opened theirs on Friday. It's nice to see them with open eyes and their ears have formed and popped out away from their heads. They've grown so much in the past 3 weeks.

I've been wondering about why their eyes are closed for so long. My only thoughts are that they need that extra time to develop their sense of smell, touch, and hearing before adding sight. Or maybe that has nothing to do with it. I know human newborns take a few months to develop their sight.

Gimpy is still alive, much to my surprise. He's doing well without his arm and it seems to be healing nicely. Unfortunately, he's missing several fingers on his other paw and I noticed this afternoon that he was missing a toe or two, as well. That injury is from today as he was fine last night. I really don't understand gerbil behavior and why parents eat their children. Various websites talk about them eating pups who are sick or hurt. But ours haven't been either, except when Spyra eats them...then they're hurt for sure.

I will say, though, that after our initial research on New Year's Eve when we found out that gerbils were social creatures, we decided to keep two of them. It was overwhelming to think about how we were going to place 6 gerbils. Now we only have to think about placing two...but if Gimpy doesn't make it then we may as well keep the remaining three. Although, I think we have both genders...and what if Bash gets it on with Spyra. Then we could have more pups. Now that's just gross. 

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  1. He will definitely get it on with Spyra. I think I know what you'll be buying in the next few days... You know the saying "they breed like rabbits"? Well, substitute with gerbils.

    I'll be expecting more (and more and more) gerbil posts in the future...


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