January 2, 2013

It's a BOY! Wait. Scratch That...

Christmas morning was fun this year.
Each of the kids got a few gifts.
One gift in particular was a big surprise.

Our children have never had a pet.
And beg for one every few months.
They want a dog.
But I don't.
Yet how do we teach responsibility
If we're not willing to allow our children 
To care for another living creature?

We gave the kids a gerbil.
Tymon picked out a black one.
The kids named him Spyro
After a character 
In their beloved Skylander's Wii game
Spyro didn't like to be touched much.
Which was fine.
He was new to our family.
And we don't know anything about gerbils.

Fast forward one week.
Literally we've had Spyro seven days.
Elliott wakes up on New Year's Eve,
And makes an announcement
Similar to the one
When it snows overnight
And a white blanket covers the yard.

Except this time
Instead of "it snowed!"
We're just lying in bed
Feeling cozy
And hear an excited,
"Spyro had babies!"
Cough, cough
What color are they?
"They're pink!"
Our kids wouldn't know that
Unless it was true.
He She had 4.
Then 6.
Then 7 or is it 8?
I think just 7.
Well done Spyro!
I mean Spyra.
You're a girl.
It's crazy how you run on your wheel
Just hours after birthing your little ones.
You didn't even look pregnant.

The plan on New Year's Eve
Was to stay home
Work on a puzzle,
Play games,
And ring in the New Year together.
We were responsible
And got on Google
To look up stuff on gerbils.
Like what to do with newborns (pups).
And get some questions answered.
When do their eyes open?
When do they eat on their own?
How soon can we place them
With other homes?

We found out that gerbils like company.
So we'll keep two.
Of the same sex.
We learned how to tell the difference, too.
That'll be nice.
When we give them away.

The boys were really into it,
Which made me happy.
I want them to be able to use the internet
To find answers to their questions.
It was fun gathering around
And researching together.

If you want a gerbil or two,
And you live near us,
Let me know.
They'll be ready for homes in 5 weeks.

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7 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. I LOVE THE STORY. =] haha awesome. I bet the kids are excited. =]
    I have to admit, I did get excited after reading the title of this blog post. I thought you were talking about a baby.
    Have lots of fun with Spyra. =]

  2. So I guess you're not keeping a baby gerbil for each of the kids? ;-P

    My condolences for the happy event. Yup, you read that right. 5 weeks is a long time.

  3. That is too funny! Once again I love your home! It is so pretty! Did you guys put in the wans(sp?) coating yourself?

  4. Thanks. The whole situation is rather hilarious. Apparently, these little pups can have their own babies once they're about 5 weeks old. Spyra is only two months old. Crazy! Tymon's thinking about taking them back to the pet store.

  5. Camey, the wainscoting was here when we moved in.

  6. We had hamsters (and a dog) as kids. The hamsters were quite an experience to witness the life cycle over and over again. It is fun that you are going through the experience.

    My kids (you kids) got a dog, and then no dog, then some cats. Most had poor endings.

    I wish you luck. The kids will either learn responsibility or you will be having funerals or searches for missing rodents, and lots of tears.

  7. The last was from John Fawcett, your dad.


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