January 4, 2013

Multi-tasking Nursers

Gerbils and humans think alike. No sense in taking doubly long to do a couple tasks when you can do them at the same time. Take me and Spyra, for example. When we nurse our babies we also do whatever else needs to be done...like chew up toilet paper rolls, eat, read, check Facebook news feeds...you know, important stuff.

Speaking of nursing. I NEVER imagined that I'd be one of those mothers who nursed my child until she had teeth. And walked around. And started talking. 

But this is little Kira we're talking about. She needs any amount of nutrition I can give her. Maybe it'll help her immune system wipe out the garbage mucous we've been hacking up the past couple of weeks. 

I've gone out of town on three occasions since she was born. Each time, I pumped for her. Pumping is a labor of love. It's really not that fun. But worth it every time she welcomes me home. 

Part of me thinks I won't be pregnant or nursing again and wants to prolong the bond as long as I can. Another deeper part of me hopes that nursing will give Kira exactly what her heart needs to become whole. Her last cardiologist appointment showed that one of her branch arteries had grown to be within the normal range. The other was just better but not where ideally it should be. I mean, mother's milk can fix that, right? Everything will grow the way it should?

The technique obviously works for gerbils. I mean their babies are so whole that they can get pregnant after 5 weeks. That must be wonder-mother's milk!
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4 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. If you think breast pumping is no fun, imagine the difficulty in breast pumping Spyra for Kira's sustenance. You'd be saying, "Oh, Rats!" in no time.

    I've got quite a few bottles of colostrum capsules, if you think that might help little Kira.

    Your mom quit nursing you and two others on Mothers' Day. JC weaned himself at about one year old, I believe.

  2. All of my kids have been weaned at 6-8 months. Evan was the only one to wean himself (about a week before I was going to do it).

  3. We got your Christmas letter last week! Thanks! It reminded me to visit your blog. Sorry to hear about Kira's heart. Maybe there's an oil for her heart? Well, my mom has the oils and I asked her about them for my "asthma" when I go running. The first day I tried it, the weather was too cold and I had an attack. Then, I got bronchitis over the holidays and I breathed in the peppermint oil for most of an afternoon and I felt totally better. I don't know about how much it helps when I rub it into my chest, though. I'll run today and try it out again. Thanks for the tips! Are you selling the oils now, too?

  4. You're welcome! I'm glad to hear the peppermint worked but sorry about the asthma attack. I can sell the oils but I don't really. If you order through the link on the sidebar then I get the commission. I'm too busy with other stuff (kids and driving school) to start a home business. Kira has some anatomy defects...so I'm not sure how much can be done to make her heart grow the right way. I have just been reading about hawthorn berry being good for all things heart related and thought about making something from them for Kira. Like a nutritional supplement, not a drug or anything. Anyway, we'll see. Have a great time running!


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