January 10, 2013

Poor Mr. Pup Runt

We noticed Spyra not feeding one of her babies.
It was smaller than the rest.
Who were bigger and looked healthier.
So here's me,
The one who didn't want a pet,
All of a sudden caring whether or not this pup
Lived or died.
I put the cage in the tub
And isolated Spyra with the pup.
She didn't care.
She ignored him.
And he died.
Poor Mr. Pup Runt.
Maybe you didn't know this,
But gerbils eat their dead young.
That sounded gross so we took the body away
As soon as we found him.


Of course we held a funeral.
A couple of the neighbor boys came over
To celebrate the short short life of Mr. Pup Runt.
Graeden said a few words.
Something like,
"He was a kind gerbil.
We will miss him."
And we sang
A song we all knew,
You Are My Sunshine.

Then we buried him
Next to a tree
In the boys fort
Near the house.
Two thumbs down from Jocelyn.
This was a sad day.
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  1. So why wouldn't she feed him. That is awful. These posts are so sad! On a side note could you e-mail me about the washer? Cncsan8@gmail.com


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