January 13, 2013

Warning: Graphic Gerbil Post

Pup number two died on Friday. 
I'm not sure why.
He didn't look runtish.
Usually when Tymon puts his hand in the cage,
Spyra runs away.
This time she came at him.
She wanted the body.
So did Tymon.
Tymon won the stand off.
Jocelyn gives two thumbs down for two dead pups.

There was one more runt. 
He breathed super heavy 
As evidenced by the extreme indent under his rib cage.
We knew he would be next to die.

Saturday morning Elliott woke us up
Saying that Spyra was eating the runt.
I didn't want to interfere with nature again.
We've already done that twice.

So I got out my camera instead.
Kira loves watching the gerbils.
You can see how totally amused
She is to see Spyra in the corner of the cage
Eating her dead baby.

But I guess she didn't want to eat the head or spine?

Graeden and I dug up Mr. Pup Runt
On Saturday and added his siblings to his coffin.

It wasn't so sad this time.
More like a relief
To not have a dead rodent sitting on the counter
Scaring the crap out of me
Every time I happened upon him.

Here's a morbid video
Of Spyra eating her pup
Because I know you're as curious as I was.

5 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. You know me well... ;-P

    Nature's way. But I'm afraid that at this rate, you won't have any problems once the 5 weeks are up...

  2. I love the commentary on the video! Makes me laugh! I knew that happened but have never seen it so wow! Thanks for the educational documentary.

  3. I wonder why they do that... seems really odd from a human perspective

  4. I'm wondering if eating their dead young has to do with survival in the wild. If they eat the body then a predator cannot. So maybe it's a way to keep their nests safe?

    I also wonder if Spyra would have finished off the runt had she not been full from the first course and we hadn't pulled it from the cage.

  5. I can not watch that. That is awful! Poor things. She is just going to eat them all alive. I have heard they do that!!


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