February 11, 2013

Gerbil Incest: Best Kept Within The Family

A week or two ago Tymon tried to determine the sex of the new gerbils, which is no easy task. He declared them to all be boys and then found the same body part on Spyra. Huh. The mystery remains. 

Until today. Blackie was chasing his mother non-stop. Spyra "rested" on the exercise wheel (notice Gimpy was sleeping under it). Then the moment she got off, Blackie was chasing her around the cage again...and sometimes caught and mounted her. So we're pretty certain at this point that Blackie is a boy.

What remains unclear is whether or not Gimpy and Bash are, too. When a male gerbil sees another male mating with a female, do they respect that and not try anything? Or will they just take their turn later? 

Or are they girls? If so, why isn't Blackie getting on them? Or did he do that already? What if we have one stud and three pregnant girls in the cage? Oh boy. We've gotten so much more out of this experience than we were signing up for!

Sex ed for Jocelyn (age 4) at this point consists of getting definitions right.

Me: What's sex?
Jocelyn: (sings "Hey Sexy Lady")
Me: Nope

Jocelyn: It means you get married!
Me: That's a good start (I start to talk in terms of Blackie and Spyra...not wanting to give too much info but also to give enough. At the same time, I'm putting together the "Blackie and Spyra Get It On" collage above.)

Tymon: Jocelyn, you should be in bed.
Jocelyn: (exasperated) I'm watching sex Dad!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, wow.  I'm sure at some point we'll need to fill in some holes in understanding. For now, the kids are quite clear on the most important formula: sex = babies.
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