February 18, 2013

Gold Medalist

In a couple of practice games shooting hoops this morning, Graeden beat Tymon twice. Legitimately. Tymon came upstairs excited. The competition was fun for him and so much better than last year or the year before when Graeden wasn't as good of a shot. I'd like to let you know that Graeden scored 6 baskets in his real basketball game last Saturday. It's exciting to see his skills improve and that he's enjoying the game more.

At lunch time, Tymon came up with the grand plan for us to host our first ever Johns Family Olympics. The contests included basketball, air hockey, ping pong and darts.

Unfortunately for Graeden, Tymon got one more point than him in the official Olympic game. But it didn't really matter since I schooled them all and brought home the gold (or rather a cinnamon bear since those were our medals). 

I'm not sure why I can't let my kids win. It's just not in my nature. But I still wanted to help them. So, after I got a comfortable lead, I taught the boys how to shoot. A little bit of spin goes a long way for making baskets, especially if it hits the rim.

Tymon's favorite game happens to be air hockey. When we were dating, we went to a party together and there were 3 different air hockey tables set up in the basement. He played everyone and never lost. Ever. One guy almost beat him. But he didn't. So, I'm not sure that Graeden will beat him in this event next year. Or the one after. But someday, he'll take his father down and when he does, he'll know that he's the best.

Tymon took the gold medals in the other events. I'm pretty sure that won't happen next time, though. Graeden was pretty close in some of the games.

In other news, I haven't done too well with my letter a day for February. I'm only 11 for 18. I may or may not catch up...but I did well tonight with three.

I wrote Costco telling them how much I appreciate them adding coconut oil to their shelves. I requested it last year in one of my letters. (Not that my letter did it, but several like mine likely played a role.) I also requested that they ask the companies that sell products on Costco shelves to label their packaging with GMO information. (If you've never heard of them, click on What's The Big Deal With GMOs?) If you also feel so inclined to encourage Costco to be a leader in this movement, write them at Costco, PO Box 34331, Seattle, WA 98124.

I also wrote Whole Foods. They claim that they don't sell anything artificial. Ever. Ha ha. They have tons of products that contain GMOs. And as far as most everyone is concerned, altering a crop's DNA in a lab is about as artificial as it gets. If you want to write Whole Foods, you can do so at 550 Bowie Street, Austin, TX 78703.

My final letter was to General Mills, the maker of Cheerios. I asked them to remove the GMOs from their products and leave the original vitamins/minerals in their foods (instead of adding them later) so that I could buy their cereals again. I won't ever buy granola again, though. Mine is just too good. If you'd like to write to General Mills, you can do so at PO Box 9452, Minneapolis, MN 55440.

Never underestimate the power of a handwritten letter. Short and sweet is good. It's important to be a part of the solution to whatever problems you have on your soap box. 

This morning, I finished a book, The Story of Beautiful Girl, which was fantastic. And tonight we went out to dinner for my mom's birthday. So all in all a great day.

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