February 10, 2013

Racking Up Wife Points: Soundgarden

Volunteering at the Paramount Theatre
Confirms in my mind
That I'm not the oddest girl in Seattle.
Whenever Tymon and I go, we meet a lot of people.
And sometimes they are so so so very different from us.

Many of them are super nice...
Like the guy who showed up at my door
To see Soundgarden
On Friday
With a beer in each hand.

It's not allowed to bring alcohol into the theatre.
So he did what any nice guy,
Antsy to see the show,
Would do.
He gave one to the first guy he saw coming out the door.
They chugged them down in 10 seconds flat.
Then made introductions.
Ha ha ha.
And now they're friends for life.
Or 5 minutes,
Which ever is more convenient.

Some patrons are considerate.
Like the girl wearing the Nobody Knows I'm a Lesbian tee-shirt.
She asked me a question about the show.
And if I'd seen it the night before.
I hadn't.
Then asked me if I liked Soundgarden.
I don't really like them.
But my husband at the next door does.
She informed me that I'm scoring Wife Points tonight.

One patron knew me.
"You look familiar!"
Never seen her before in my life.
I mentioned the driving school.
"No. Fawcett?"
That's my maiden name.
So maybe I have seen her before.
Turns out she was one of my parents tenants several years ago.
I think she's the lady who couldn't pay the rent.
And robbed a bank.
But the teller only had a couple thousand dollars.
They caught her down the street.
Then she really had a hard
Time paying the rent.

The main floor of the concert was general seating.
Or rather, it was standing room only.
Ushers have the task
Of keeping balcony patrons in the balcony.
So the floor doesn't get too crowded.

It was a bit odd for me to ask some of the big guys
To see their tickets.
They could have eaten me for lunch.
But were so respectful
When I let them know
They needed to drink their beverages in the lobby.

We stayed for about an hour.
I thought I might get a head ache from the hard music.
I didn't.
But the smell of pot smoke makes me nauseous.
I sat in the lobby for about 5 minutes
While Tymon heard the rest of a song.

Other patrons
Are unafraid to speak their minds.
As if you're long time friends.
Like the guy and his girlfriend
Who've definitely been drinking.

He asks me if I'm okay.
Because my head is down
And eyes closed.
I look up.
Unsure if they are talking to me.
I take out my ear plugs.
I'm fine,
I say.
Just don't like the smoke.

Then out of nowhere:
"You're not wearing make up!"
No, I'm not.
He tells me that I'm beautiful.
More than once.
And his girlfriend agrees.

I'm having a hard time believing
We're actually having this conversation.
It's the kind that people have
When they people watch.
Making comments among themselves.
But never with the person they're actually talking about.
Discretion pays big.
Getting caught does not.
 Except this time what they should be saying
Behind my back
Is spoken to my face.

I smile.
This is awkward.
"Oh, look at her smile!"
I couldn't hear what he was saying.
The lobby noise competes with the concert.
So, I just smile some more.
And they gush about my beauty.
Which reminds me of a time when my sister and I
Would put on our demure lips and instruct others
to not "hate me because I'm beautiful"

"How old are you?"
I would've said 27, but not 37."
His girlfriend nods in agreement.
"Let's see how well you do. How old am I?"
I pause.
For a bit.
My real thought: he must be about 40, maybe 45.
Which I couldn't bring myself to say.
It just sounds too old.
Even though it's not.
I tell him I think he's older than me.
He won't tell me if I'm right.
He was probably 30.

I don't think I'm the weirdest person ever.
No, meeting all sorts of folks in Seattle tells me that.
But it does help me see
That we can all be odd

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3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. When I got to the end, I wanted to hear more. I enjoyed your comments on people talking about you, but to you. You have been blessed with looking younger than your years. When you were becoming a driving instructor having graduated from college and served a mission in Slovenia and marched delinquents around Southrern Utah on week long camping trips, maybe age 23 or 24, you audited our teenage driving course. I think the 15 year-olds were surprised that you had graduated already. But they were thinking high school, not college.

    Now that you are well into those 30's years when character lines in the face begin to define you for all the world to see you can gracefully look forward to the next decade that your brother has already led the way into. Someday you will have to find something nice to write about drooping skin and age spots.

    I love the way you chronicle your life in your blogs. Is there a way to push print and make a written record of all your commentaries without having to go in to each tome individually? The wonderful thing is that you will always be able to have something to hold over the heads of your children. When they complain about their kids, you'll be able to point to the pages when they troubled you with disobedience and poop problems.

  2. My someday project is making a book from my blog. It's just such a huge project, I've been avoiding it.

  3. Some people are just not afraid to share all of their thoughts and feelings anywhere. Everyone tells me to be thankful I look young, so I will pass that on to you too. :)

    PS I use Blog 2 Print to print off my blog. You just tell them the date range, and it puts in in a book for you. It's not cheap, but they usually have a 15% off coupon come out early spring, and then I print off the previous year.


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