February 7, 2013

Salt Snob

Several months ago my cousin and I were talking and somehow the topic of salt came up. Which is strange because very rarely do I ever find myself talking about salt. I didn't know what kosher salt was until about a year ago. 

She mentioned that her husband was a salt snob. And here's me: they have salt snobs? I had no idea. Which is a problem if that's what I'm destined to be.

I read an article about artisan salts containing 80+ trace minerals. And the salt we usually buy in stores is processed and stripped of those. Then bleached white. Hmmm....I'd like my minerals back, please!

I found a company online named Salt Works ... they share some wonderful information on their website. I wanted to see where they were located. Surprise, surprise! They are based in the next town over from me. 

I spent an hour today learning about and sampling a dozen or more different salts. Wow. Wow oh wow. I had no idea what kind of depth and dimension salt had. I found both what I liked and what I didn't like. I'm pretty sure it's cheaper to buy artisan salts with dozens of naturally occurring trace minerals than to buy a dietary mineral supplements with just a handful of them.

I got a crap load of samples to bring home so Tymon could try them, too (in addition to the 3 different bulk kinds I bought). I really liked the Cyprus Black Lava salt. It's got activated charcoal in it and crystallizes into a pyramid shape. The Kala Namak black mineral salt (a beige/pink color) is pretty good, too. With a sulfur content, it tastes likes eggs. Apparently, some Vegans use it to add an egg flavor to their dishes. Salt Works also has powdered salts (Velvet) for putting on popcorn - the powder sticks better than grains. 

I've just been reading about a ton of uses for salt, too. It's kind of like the list for baking soda uses...seemingly endless. I've decided to get rid of my current supply of crappy processed salts on household cleaning projects. Then we'll bask in culinary delight with my new collection of artisan salts. Yay!

3 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Artisan salt? All natural, but with a bunch of additions, so it's nice and colored? For example, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_lava_salt

    This is the way to go:


    Bring an empty suitcase when you come.

  2. See now you know the difference...people think we are crazy. The black lava salt and hawaiian salt is still my family favorites.

  3. Wow, that is so interesting! I had no idea!


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