March 1, 2013

Brighter Crow's Feet: March Challenge

It's already March and I've made progress on my Crow's Feet but haven't been 100%. But that's okay. I'm making progress. January's goal was to write down three things I'm thankful for each day. Out of 60 or so possible entries, I'm sure I have 42. (And every day for the first 23 days).

February was my month of letters challenge. I was just not into it this year like last. I wrote 21 letters in 28 days plus a few electronic ones. At least one of them was a success - I wrote to a service provider to drop a bill and they did. That was nice. I'm still hoping to hear back from Costco.

March is exercise month. Ten minutes of daily exercise is required. We realized this about 9 pm tonight. Oops. The kids were bouncing off the walls, so we had them get their shoes on and we took a brisk walk around the neighborhood. I'm not sure why our children can't be quiet when everyone else is, but they couldn't. At least we didn't see any neighbors peeking out their windows and no one shushed us, so that's a bonus.

Graeden and Elliott on on the same basketball team this year. Graeden has improved his playing so much. The last few games, he's made 5 and 6 baskets. I'm excited for him.  

Elliott is still learning about personal space when on defense. It can be pretty funny to watch. I'm excited to see how much improvement he will make in the next year or two.


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