March 30, 2013

Easter Lovin'

Last Sunday's FaceBook Status Update:
The kids got in the car after church with pockets full of Easter eggs. After church got out someone noticed an egg in the grass and a ton of kids gathered them up. 
Hmmm...I'm pretty sure the person setting up this hunt was from the group that meets after ours. They're in for a surprise right about now. I'm afraid they'll go outside for their hunt and find that all the eggs are gone.

This afternoon we enjoyed an egg hunt and Easter dinner with friends and family at our home.

I'm not sure if it was one of the dads or teens hiding eggs or if Toby got to the yard first, but Jett got a nasty surprise when he missed seeing Toby's pile of poo but DID see the egg next to it. I asked him to wash his hands with soap and he asked me why...really? You've got poop on your hand and you ask me why? Where's my cartoon germ book? We need another reading.

Turns out that Toby loves Easter egg hunts. He was running all over the yard finding eggs, breaking them open and trying to eat all the candy inside. Brilliant!

My favorite shot was the last one I took. Kira and her cousin were the cutest.

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