March 13, 2013


Elliott joined the cub scouts tonight. It's his 8th birthday today. My sweet sweet boy.

On the way to our den meeting tonight I asked Elliott if he could have anything for his birthday, what would it be? I was hoping he'd say a dog. He didn't disappoint. "I want a live dog, Mom."  My boys have asked for a dog so many times. I've always said no. I don't want dog hair all over my clothes. I don't want to clean up messes.

Last Saturday, a friend and I went to another friend's house to make soap. I won't give the details on our failure here...let's just say the day ended with our hostess in the ER with a special contact lens in her eye that has a tube attached. That's the way they flush lye out of an eye. It took an hour and a half of the slow drip to get it out. She's okay now but her soap days are over.

The only reason I digress is that when I was there, I met Toby. He's part min pin and part dachshund. Three of the household are allergic to his fur and he needed to find a new home.

Hmmm....cute dog. Small. Likes kids. Free. Comes with leash and food.....I texted Tymon. Should we take him? Yes. Elliott would get a dog for his birthday. And he'd be coming over after we got home from cub scouts. I told the boys on the way home that Toby had just arrived at our house. They hounded me to find out just who this Toby was. I told them he was their new best friend. They wanted to know how old he was. 6 months. A baby? I told them we were adopting him. I didn't ever mention the word dog. So they thought they were coming home to a new adopted baby. Oh boy are they excited!

Happy Birthday Elliott!
Welcome to the Johns Family, Toby!

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4 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. Miss him already. Happy birthday Elliott!

  2. Happy birthday, Elliott!

    So, bye-bye gerbils? ;-)

  3. Awesome. I can only imagine how excited the kids are. =]

  4. Oh, that is so sweet! I love it that they were excited about a new baby, too!


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