April 3, 2013

Dr. Snip

We've had some beautiful weather this past week. It was so warm on Sunday that I got an afternoon nap on our deck and soaked in the sunshine. The kids wanted nothing to do with naps, though. They wanted me to fill water balloons with them. I meant to. But droopy eye lids and a gentle heat lulled me to sleep...until the kids decided that they'd just bring me the balloons so I could tie them. In case you wondered...I can do that with my eyes closed. Ahhh....

Later in the afternoon, I visited with a friend. When her min pin ran outside to greet her, I told her about Toby. And the fact that he's peed on my headboard and the leg of my bed and also on one of my sheets that was at the foot of my bed. Does that mean he's working up to kicking us out of our bed? My friend recommended getting him neutered. Said it cuts down on territorial peeing. 

I called the vet on Monday. They fit him in this morning for some shots and a little castration. Here's Toby recovering this evening. He seems to be doing well though isn't eating or drinking much. Of course that didn't keep his diarrhea butt from leaking all over the living room. Talk about disgusting. It cleaned up a fluorescent yellow color, too. I'm guessing that's anesthesia passing through.

The best email I've had in a long time came from Tymon this morning when I asked him how the office visit went. I'm still laughing about it as I copy and paste it here. He writes: 
Toby was really nervous in the car. Most of the time he just sat in my lap being nervous. Once we got to the vet he laid a giant deuce in the entry way. After a lady came and cleaned that up, he went and peed on the leg of a bench I was sitting on. As the lady was cleaning that up, he went on a potted plant near by. She invited me to take him for a walk at that point.
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  1. Poor buddy! I'm snickering about him peeing. Yes, that sounds familiar!

  2. He sure is cute! How did you end up with another pet??


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