May 1, 2013

Heart Growth

Sometimes the answers to prayers come fast. While other times they don't seem to come at all...maybe that's when the answer is "no". But still other times, like this one, a "yes" answer comes as growth.
When we found out that Kira had a congenital heart defect, we feared that one day (possibly soon after birth) she would need an open heart surgery. I had images of a sickly child in my mind.
I didn't pray that all would be well. I don't think most people get the miraculous healing they pray for. Some do. I love hearing those stories. But most of the time it isn't like that.
I prayed that Kira would be able to run and play with her siblings. I was open to whatever that meant in terms of medical long as she could play in the backyard.
She does that. And so much more. She can take her diaper off faster than any other kid I've seen and run away from me while I'm trying to get her put back together.
Kira had an echo today. In the last year, since her last cardiology appointment, her pulmonary arteries have grown so much that they are now both within the normal range. We don't go back for another check up for a couple of years.
Thank you for your prayers. I know many of you have kept our family in your thoughts over the past few years. We are happy to have our little girl in our life and that she is growing.

4 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. I'm so glad she is doing well and that her pulmonary arteries are now in the normal range. Heavenly Father has certainly answered your prayers. By the way, she looks just like you when you were young.

  2. That is so great! What a nice thought out post. She sure is a doll!

  3. He has for sure.

    You mean she looks like a scamp? Yes, that was me. She looks a little angry...pretty much because I wasn't laying down next to her. She likes to say "cheese" when I take photos...but she wouldn't yesterday.

  4. Congrats! That's great news for her and your family.


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