May 2, 2013

Learning The Ropes

Experiential learning.
Potent stuff.
Intense experiences.
Deep thinking.
New connections.
Literal and figurative.
Meaning hidden everywhere.
Empowering change.

I'm taking the leader training for a ropes course. While many of you may have participated in this type of activity before, it was my first time as a participant. If you don't know what it is ... think trust falls and team building. Accomplishing impossible tasks with strangers. And delving into your innermost thoughts. I loved it.

My brother asked me about my arm bruises today. They came from trying to scale a wall with a bit of help from below and a lot of help from above. Whether the bruises came from thrusting my entire body weight onto my arm at the top or whether the marks are from my teammates grabbing and pulling me up (preventing a 20ish foot fall), I don't know. It was a small price to pay for the privilege of participation.

I'm so pumped about the course that I read the entire training manual. In it, I found a simple activity I could lead at home. I tried it out for family night.

I've got some more to learn, though. I'm certain my teaching technique could use some refinement. That's not modesty talking. Pretty much my entire family walked out on my activity.

Except Jett. He missed the excitement while he was using the toilet. He came back to an empty room...and we had a one-on-one experiential learning moment. I toned down my methods to prevent complete abandonment. And in true experiential fashion found deeper meaning in the great exodus. Jett gets it.

I wonder about the lasting impact. I think it'll stay with me longest. That's okay. I've got plenty more to learn.

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