May 26, 2013

Weekend Round Up

Brother Harris approached me in the hall at church today after the morning service. He wanted to let me know that right before church started he saw Jett outside playing around and he opened the door to let him know that we were starting soon. Brother Harris was impressed that Jett came in right away, so he told him he had something for him. 

As he was digging through his bag Jett was excited and asked, "What is it? What is it?"

"You need to be patient," Brother Harris explained as he continued searching. He found a little package of smarties candy and gave it to him. Jett was so happy, he thanked Brother Harris and gave him a big hug.

Brother Harris was feeling so good with Jett's display of gratitude that he wasn't quite prepared for Jett's next question. "Is this from Halloween?" Ha ha ha. Kids are awesome like that.

The Family May 2013
My sister and her son flew in for the weekend. She's done a bit of work for us remotely at the driving school and now she'll be doing more. We just did some training with her. It's exciting to have all four of us working together...even if she goes back home tomorrow.
Sisters Squared: Me and mine. My mom and hers. 

Kira is developing speech at an alarming rate. Not that we don't enjoy her little voice. Or that it's too quick. It's just the content can be a bit disturbing/funny. Her new phrase, "I hate you, Daddy" comes out when she doesn't get what she wants. What?! She's not even two yet!

Last night we had the annual talent show at church. I participated with the choir in a terrible rendition of Little Liza Jane. This isn't modesty talking. Even though we had a lot of fun, it was an assault to all listening and a cry for help. If you'd like to join the choir, please do. We'd love it and can obviously use the help.

Jocelyn sang her first public solo in the show. My favorite part, aside from her courage to sing in front of a crowd, was her outfit. The top is a butterfly costume she's found in her closet from when she was two. The shorts and rain boots only add to the ensemble. So cute. I'm pretty sure there's no way an adult could get away with this. Click the link below to hear her singing Popcorn Popping On The Apricot Tree.

Tonight we were able to go to a missionary fireside put on by Jon Schmidt of The Piano Guys. They played two sold out shows this past weekend in Seattle. Jon's son is a missionary in the Everett, WA Mission and so he stayed a couple of extra days to do the fireside. He's so talented..

It's been such a busy weekend but now I've got to get serious about my preparations for the upcoming week. New adventures await!
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