May 11, 2013

What To Expect When You're Expecting

My computer's been acting up so you haven't heard from me recently...actually the last two posts I did on my phone, which means I finally got a smart phone. Yay! But actually, I like writing on a full sized keyboard best.

So Tymon got my computer fixed for Mother's Day! My hero! AND he also went to the pet store with the boys today to donate some gerbils.

We decided we wanted to keep Gimpy...and whichever other one(s) were the same sex. The clerk sexed all 9 (one disappeared a couple of weeks ago....eaten no doubt) rather quickly. I'm not sure how she did that.

Turns out both Blackie (no surprise) and Bash are male. Fantastic. And both Spyra and Gimpy are pregnant. Whoa. What?! Yeah. Crazy. I noticed Gimpy getting bigger...but I thought she was just catching up from her slow growth after her arm got chewed off. I was thinking that maybe she was sterile. Ha ha. No such luck.

The boys donated Bash, Blackie and the babies back to the pet store. We still have Spyra and Gimpy and figure we'll go back to the pet store one more time with the new litters. Then we'll still be left with just two and hopefully one of the babies won't impregnate their mothers.

It occurs to me that I should have taken a photo of the cage this past week. It was so packed with all of them running around. I think it's a little bit funny when one is on the wheel and another gets on and the other flips off. But alas, maybe next time...

If you want to know what to expect when you have gerbils, let me tell you. They'll always be expecting. Whoever first said rabbits reproduce quickly didn't know about gerbils.

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