June 10, 2013

Birthday Boat Launch

Happy 6th Birthday Evan!!! 

We celebrated by making 6 paper boats this morning. The pink one was Jocelyn's. Of course. She did a great job of folding according to my friend Tina´s instructions. This afternoon, we sent them off down the Pivka River. 

I´m loving how Kira chants. She´s very excited about the boat release as well as just about anything else that is chant-able...like shoul-der ride, shoul-der ride. Or Piz-za, piz-za!

This Pivka River formed the awesome Postojna Caves we visited today.

We also visited Predjama Castle this afternoon. This place is seriously so cool. You can go in and explore pretty much everything. I love how it was built into the side of the mountain and at the mouth of the caves here. I can just imagine the tales and adventures that must have come out of here....especially since there were secret passageways and torture chambers. You just know that these people were on the cutting edge of excitement.

The only problem is that it's not stroller friendly...but if you leave your sleeping Kira at the front entrance with the photographer lady then that´s not a problem.

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