June 20, 2013

Pet Disaster

We've got some great friends living at our house while we're gone. What makes them even greater are their willingness to take care of our pets and especially for messages like this:

I'm sorry to say that we lost a baby gerbil sometime last night/this morning. =( One of the black and white ones. I think it was the smallest one. I don't know why it died. It didn't look to have been eaten or attempted to have been eaten. Just thought I would let you know. I will overnight some Kleenex for you during this time of loss. You may have to stay away longer for bereavement purposes. Just let us know, we'll understand.    

Last week after Tymon and the boys left, we didn't have internet access and didn't find out for three days that our friends had trouble getting into the house. This would have been fine except that Toby was locked in our house, trapped in his crate and probably suffering some horrible kind of death. How long can dogs go without drinking water? Or eating? No, scratch that last question. He was probably eating his feces.

Tymon arranged to give Toby away after he started eating the cushion on the living room couch. He's a good dog...but has some annoying habits. Like he goes outside to poo in the morning and does it well. Then he comes into the house and as soon as he can get a few minutes to himself he poops on the living room floor. I'm just wondering why he didn't finish his business 5 minutes earlier? We worked on training him at home but that was hard...too many "masters" and not enough consistency. And taking him to obedience school proved tricky as our schedule and those of various schools didn't line up well.

Tymon took Toby to his new home the day before he left but the lady said she was too tired to take him right then. That was inconvenient, but there aren't many options when he's getting on a plane soon. Tymon took Toby home and arranged with our friends to give him to her later.

So here I am on Sunday afternoon, the wee hours of Sunday morning for Toby, reading an email for the first time hat was sent on Thursday saying that our friends couldn't get into the house. Yikes! I was so upset the lady hadn't taken Toby when she had the chance.

We worried for a couple of days about Toby's demise before getting an email and Facebook message that Toby is indeed alive and never spent any time alone...they had gotten in the house a few hours after their message but hadn't emailed us to say that. Phew! Imaginations run wild, really wild, with limited information.

And the lady ended up taking Toby on Sunday, so he's now in his new home. Phew, another relief!

I'm not exactly sure why I cared so much about whether Toby lived or died when a gerbil dying doesn't phase me. And emails like the gerbil one I quoted above I find humorous. I even laughed. I wonder if gerbils have feelings. I'm pretty sure other animals that seem expendable don't.  And maybe that's what separates dogs from other lesser animals. Very few people cry when a spider is flushed down the toilet. Toby's a good dog. I'm happy he's got a new home that will hopefully be better for him.

Elliott is now wanting a cat. Or a turtle. I'm pretty happy with only having gerbils.

2 Riveting COMMENTS:

  1. We got a cat. LOVE him. Low maintenance and entertaining..and cuddly. So much easier than a dog. Besides, he might take care of your gerbil problem for you.

  2. You get that cat. From a shelter. Don't feed it. Leave the gerbil cage open.

    Just sayin'.


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