August 2, 2013

Juggling Summer

I'm not sure why I think that at some point in the near future my life will flow at a gentler pace, because it never does. Never. This summer is no different. We finished our Balkan adventure nearly 5 weeks ago. Yikes! It's really been that long. I still have some posts to do from that. We came home from England 4 weeks ago...with maybe a post or two in me about that. Though, these tales may be left untold.

Kira's birthday the day after returning home.
 So here I am, sitting at my computer in the wee hours of the morning, trying to process the crazy that is my life. Coming home to stacks of mail, needing to finish our taxes, getting the kids to the school's summer academy, cub scout camp, me going to Girl's Camp and working is a lot to juggle.

It only takes a couple of months to grow a forest in Washington.
My brothers were good about me taking off for a good chunk of our busy season at work. They didn't complain too loudly. But coming back to the office has been eye opening in many respects. Every time I'm surprised at some change, they bring up my leaving. Ha ha. I don't mind being poked at. The trip was worth it.

This summer, like all summers, we've been slammed with students all trying to get their driver's training in before school starts. This summer, unlike any summer we've ever seen, we've also been packed with the administration of state tests for driver's licensing. We've hired additional office staff and teachers to handle the workload, but it just seems like we're in constant survival mode.

This week, I've answered several phone calls, a task I haven't done in, ehem, months or possibly even years. I'm rusty and the verbiage just doesn't flow like it used to. The office staff holds my hand a little bit, feeding me information about various locations and classes as I need it. Today with a customer, I referred to our office manager as my manager, which I'm sure she'd get a kick out of.

Today, we had a guy come to the office to take a drive test. He was supposed to be in another location, but there was a miscommunication between us and him about the place. So rather than make a big deal about it since there was no way he would be able to make it to the other location in time, I just took him. Everything was going fine, until on the way back to the office, I had him take a right instead of a left. Then it took me a minute to figure out how to get back to the office and a few more minutes to execute that plan. The test ended up being about ten minutes longer than it should have and was much more comprehensive in the city driving aspect than normal. Yikes! At least he passed.

I tell myself that the crazy will pass at the end of the month. And it will. I'm pretty sure September will bring a new crazy, though. Makes life interesting and fun.
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