September 29, 2013

Jocelyn's 5th Birthday

We took the family to Chuck E Cheese's yesterday to celebrate Jocelyn's birthday. She chose that over a party with friends. Yes! Parties are not my forte. Imagine if they were, I'd be planning one just about every month.

We convinced Jett not to do a party in August, but to wait until September when school was back in session. Then his friends could come. Then our weekends filled up and Jocelyn's birthday loomed. Then we asked him if he just wanted to invite a couple of friends to the movies after school on Friday and to dinner. He did. Yes! Another easy party.

Now, let's see if we can get Graeden to something similar as his birthday is less than a month away now.

I planned on making a cake this afternoon, but then Graeden wanted to make Jocelyn cookies. So I convinced him to do chocolate chip cookie bars, call it a cake, and then I took a nap. They were pretty sweet. Literally. The recipe called for a pound of brown sugar. What?! That's a lot of sugar. It turns out that a pound is just two cups. They would have been great with just one.

I'm grateful Graeden likes cooking and baking. And that he knows how to turn on the oven. And set the timer. I think his real motivation for baking may be that he can use white flour (if I'm not looking) instead of whole grain flour. Ha ha ha.
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