September 9, 2013

Summer Round Up

Ehem. Hi, I'm Bridget.
I'm a blogger.
And while I've been super busy this summer,
Our family has done some cool stuff.

Like the Balloon Glow.

Leading teens at Girls Camp in the challenge course.

Doing pioneer activities (paint ball) at Pioneer Days.

And my husband quit his job...
To work with me at the driving school.
I love it.

We've been on a few hikes.

And had a few visitors.
Jocelyn and Tymon's mom look similar.
Not the expressions so much.
But the hair and shape of the face.

We went bowling with cousin Breanna.

I chaperoned a church dance and got my nephew to dance with me.

Jett turned 7.
We celebrated with red velvet cupcakes.

Some friends came from Canada,
And we visited Pike's Place Market.
Jocelyn found a $3 cabbage...
Bigger than her head.
We made sauerkraut and will post about that when it's done.

We visited the flying fish booth,

And the gum wall.

We went to the fair and Monster Truck Rally...
Which wasn't as good as the ones in my memories.

But the demolition derby was cool.
Four cars smashed into each other until the cars broke down.
The last car moving is the winner.
Some Aztec Indians danced.

 We did our annual summer camping trip with Tymon's cousins.

Summer is over. Phew! I graduated from answering phones in July to teaching driving lessons in August. I taught in four different cities for several weeks. And while I love the one-on-one interaction with my students, I'm also glad it's over and I don't have to commute to West Seattle or Redmond anymore. Those involved quite a commute for me.

All the kids but Kira started school.
Jocelyn made it off the waiting list
And into the Spanish Immersion program.
She's so excited to be learning another language.

That reminds me of when we were driving from Serbia to Slovenia.
Croatia is in between the two countries.
So we stopped to show our passports leaving Serbia,
And entering Croatia,
And leaving Croatia,
And again entering Slovenia.
Then the same thing on the way back.
And Jocelyn asks me at one crossing,
"Mom, are we going to a new language?"
Yes, honey. Each border is a new language.

Last week she told me that she made lots of new friends.
What are their names?
"I don't know."
Oh, you better work on that.
"Well, there is Mario, Mom."
She would remember a video game character.
Ha ha ha.

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  1. What a busy summer! I've enjoyed reading about your adventures.

  2. I am stinking sad that we missed picking blueberries with you this summer. Summer went way too fast for us, too. Thanks for catching me up on your life! Maybe someday we can get together in person:)


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