October 31, 2013

Candy Sorts

Does anyone else sort their Halloween candy? Maybe we're weird that way?  Our children really like to do it, too. We just sort and sort and sort and then eat as much of our favorite stuff as possible...and we put the other stuff back in our candy bowl to give to someone else knocking at our door.

My little baby Graeden turned ten on Monday. Now that it's Thursday, he's declared he's too old to go trick or treating. What?! Too old?! No way. We challenged him about this and then he started saying that it was boring. What?! Boring?! Going to houses all around the neighborhood and getting a surprise in your candy sack? No way. Not boring. Pretty exciting, actually.

I hope he changes his mind next year. He stayed home and passed out candy while we went all over the neighborhood. Then Kira and I stayed home eating as much candy as we could while Tymon took the others to an adjoining neighborhood. When they got back Tymon noticed Kira on the table with a couple of lollipops in her hand. "Why does Kira have two open lollipops?" he asked. She doesn't, I replied. She's got one in her mouth, too.

After scripture reading and prayers, I insisted that the kids brush their teeth really well. I checked each kid's handiwork, which involves me scraping a few of their teeth with my fingernail. If I find any scum then they go back and brush again. Tonight's rule was that if I sent them back then they couldn't have any candy tomorrow. And if I sent them back again then they wouldn't have any candy for a week. I don't know if that is too harsh or not but I thought it'd be motivating. Wouldn't you know it Jocelyn was the only one to pass on the first time...so now we have some upset boys. Yikes! They'll be okay, though. We'll have plenty for quite some time.
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  1. Growing up we didn't sort together, but each person's individual pile was counted, sorted, traded, etc.
    Loved reading this post : ) Happy Halloween.


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