November 10, 2013

Gerbil Murder

Elliott discovered Gimpy dead this morning.
Her throat was slit (chewed) and her ankles busted up.

I'm sad about it. I liked Gimpy a lot. Not enough to take her out of the cage and play with her, but I really liked her survivor spirit. Maybe you remember when her Mother nibbled on her soon after she was born. And she was missing a limb and only had one finger. Yet she still got on the wheel and exercised. Still loved to eat broccoli and carrots - all one handed. She carried on fantastically despite fairly severe disabilities.

I assume Spyra killed Gimpy. All evidence seems to point in that direction. I thought gerbils were social creatures. Well, Spyra, if you're going to eat your daughter and most loyal friend then you get no one else.

Here's me being a pessemist. Maybe there's another, more loving story. Perhaps, Gimpy slipped on the wheel, got her feet caught/broken and then Spyra helped her get out. Then saw that Gimpy was mortally wounded and humanely put her out of her misery. In the past, Spyra has eaten her dead pups. She hasn't eaten Gimpy however, so maybe she's sad and in mourning instead of plotting the death of some other innocent that may cross her path.

Rest in peace sweet one. We'll miss you.
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